A video project documenting the result of a year’s worth of research, compiling all the evidence and news surrounding the pandemic that seems to lead to the conclusion that SARS COV 2 does not in fact cause COVID19.

Part One
Part Two

Koch’s Postulates: Have They Been Proven for Viruses?

Andrew Kaufman, M.D.


Susan M. Poutanen

Identification of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome in Canada


Christian Drosten
Identification of a novel coronavirus in patients with severe acute respiratory syndrome


Thomas G Ksiazek
A novel coronavirus associated with severe acute respiratory syndrome

J S M Peiris
Severe acute respiratory syndrome


word “isolation” being misused

In case you thought the PCR test detects an actual virus by Jon Rappoport

“They didn’t isolate the virus” , Dr. Wu Zunyou, chief-epidemiologist of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Return to Wuhan: What Life Is Like One Year Later | NBC Nightly News

David Crowe | Coronavirus COVID-19: The Risks, The Testing, & The Treatments

Perspectives on the Pandemic | The (Undercover) Epicenter Nurse | Episode Nine

Flaws in Coronavirus Pandemic Theory

David Crowe