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Clown World Finance is a decentralized open source project focused on bringing freedom of speech to the world of journalism.

We are still in the early stages of the project, which makes this the perfect time to hop on board before we take off to the moon!

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3% of every transaction is redistributed to holders, providing value and giving an incentive to hold and remain a part of the community.The only way for Clown World to flourish is by nurturing the community, and this is one small part of that.

5% of every transaction is automatically deposited as liquidity forthe token. This protects against price manipulation by whales and ensures that the minimum value of $HONK will naturally increase overtime.

Ticker: HONK

Contract Address: 0x46eF6CDf5174fB92fA92c0DfCF55b2ff5ee4f8F9

Chain : Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

Total Supply: 10 Billion Honk

Liquidity Locked Forever

Renounced Ownership

TechRate Audit  

Liquidity Farming

Why have a crypto eco-system without liquidity farming, Farming on Clown World, not only makes everyone more money, but it's a great source of sustainable income for the Loyal Hardworking Journalists and Content Creators on the platform.

NFT News Mint

Our NFT Mint paired with IPFS will prevent suppression of media/journalism. Our Model will become the standard for a modern media entity.

Independent Journalism/Media/Video Platform

A Platform where all Journalists and Content creators can be heard, collaborate, and contribute to the goal of a free humanity.

Clown World is here, embrace it!

You watch the news lately?
We don't either, we got tired of the force fed narrative. All the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt that the traditional media feeds us. To top that off, they've transitioned over the last decade into a propaganda feed for the institutional powers that rule us.

Clown World aims to change that with a truly Free and Transparent Media Platform, that aims to give all the people of the world an honest and curated look at the state of the world.

Honk will decentralize journalism.

Our revolutionary journalism platform will change not only the way we print journalism, but the way we as a society view it. This is the future of free and transparent media.

Let's not repeat the past.

"If war is always by deception, then maybe with truth there can be peace" -Julian Assange

Development Team

The Clowns who gave their weekends and their sanity to make this project a reality.
Those not listed have chosen to remain anon until their wagie duties are obsolete.

Wut Honker

Original Autist/Pseudo Dev

Chad Honkler

Crayon Aficionado/Art Director

Hu Tao

 Fund Defender/Project Manager

Clownsly Bubblejack

Face Painter/Artist

Lemon Sprinkles


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